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Truss & Roof Systems

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Expand your covered space outdoors with a truss and stretch shelter system to keep your staff and customers protected from the wind, rain, and sun. Our range of durable weather-tight cover systems are scalable to different-sized sites, and a highly-engineered option for versatile outdoor commercial cover.

Offering strength and stability for heavy-duty outdoor cover, our Truss and Stretch systems can be customised to meet a variety of specifications.

Create a sheltered area on your site between or alongside portable buildings, or as standalone structures for warehouse spaces, loading and distribution zones and staff areas. Our Truss range is optimally engineered for safety, durability and to withstand the elements and can be installed long-term up to 4.5m height, allowing for trucks to drive under the structures.  Aesthetically pleasing, functional and scalable, Truss and Stretch systems are easily configured to different requirements for branding, walls, or as a strong foundation for hanging lighting or signage. 

Truss Applications


Adding an integrated truss cover system alongside your portable buildings provides a versatile solution for expanding outdoor environments and work areas, enhancing your functional and flexible work spaces.


A standalone truss and stretch roof system offers a versatile solution for expanding outdoor spaces and work areas, providing customisable coverage for applications such as courtyards and loading/ distribution zones.