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Emergency Response and Disaster Relief: Portable Buildings as Rapid Deployment Solutions

New Zealand is no stranger to the challenges posed by natural disasters and emergencies: recent examples include earthquakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura, Cyclone Gabrielle on the North Island’s East Coast, and extreme rain events in Auckland. We can never overplay the importance of a swift and adaptable response in a crisis, including the almost immediate provision of portable buildings to help manage the situation. Pacific Portable Buildings can deliver high-quality portable buildings quickly and efficiently. Our reputation in this field has seen us become a trusted partner with emergency response professionals, disaster relief organisations, Government agencies involved in disaster management and any member of the general public interested in innovative solutions for crises.


The Versatility of Our Portable Buildings

Our scalable portable buildings are versatile in all situations. Pacific Portable Buildings supplies structures to community groups, large infrastructure projects, office and commercial purposes, education and childcare, health and aged care, Government services, and so much more. It’s no surprise that this adaptability extends to emergency responses. Our multi-purpose buildings can be used as shelters for displaced people, command centres, medical facilities, rest areas for emergency workers, catering spaces, and aid stations.


Speed and Efficiency

While our portable buildings are used for many purposes during emergency response and disaster relief, they all have one thing in common. They’re delivered and set up as soon as is humanly possible. In a crisis, every second counts and our portable buildings have massive time-saving benefits compared to traditional construction methods. This rapid response can save lives and allows emergency and disaster relief to be coordinated quickly. They can also be hastily relocated based on the evolving needs that invariably arise during an emergency.


Technology and Features

Pacific Portable Buildings delivers a range of technology and features in all situations, including disaster relief and emergency management. For example, our electrical wiring comes with a four-year warrant of fitness and is installed to meet the New Zealand standard of portable building regulations. LED batten lighting, multiple power outlets, an internal fuse box and even HVAC options are available, making for a functional and comfortable space. The buildings are designed and constructed for strength and durability, which is especially important when used in disaster zones. We use materials that can withstand the harshest weather conditions; they’ve been cyclone-rated, are safety tested for water tightness and have been braced to New Zealand earthquake structural standards. Our buildings must remain workable, safe and solid for the duration of the response, and that’s precisely what they’re built to do.


Be Prepared: Collaborate With Us

Is the use of portable structures integrated into your disaster preparedness plans? Pacific Portable Buildings has years of collaborative experience with government agencies and relief organisations, and we react quickly when needed. By talking with us now, we will be there in the future with portable buildings that will allow you to stage an effective and possibly life-saving response.


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